Month: July 2018

You may be one of many homeowners who forget to think about kitchen ventilation. Sadly, if you are not paying attention to the gas fumes, steam, and smoke in your kitchen while cooking; your indoor air quality would be compromised. Over time, your indoor air could be a hundred times more polluted than outdoors. Importance of Kitchen Ventilation System Maintaining

Did you know that low indoor air quality has a grave impact not only on your health but your mood as well? Studies show that your indoor air can be thrice dirtier than your laundry. Think of the dust, dirt, chemicals from fragrances, cleaning products, building materials, exhausts from cars, cooking devices and many more. All of these are culprits

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Rain Shower
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Feels like: 45°F
Wind: 3mph WSW
Humidity: 78%
Pressure: 29.77"Hg
UV index: 0
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