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Ever wonder where furnaces came from? Do you know anything about heating facts? If you are thrilled to learn more, we have listed ten (10) surprising facts about furnaces and home heating that you must know. What does furnace mean? In both Canadian and American English, a furnace refers to a device used to heat residential and commercial spaces. Meanwhile,

If you are thinking about buying a new gas furnace, you should start with finding the right size for your home. Too small or too big heating systems will not keep up with your comfort demands. To get the right size, pay attention to these factors below. Location and Climate Your location and geographical profile are important considerations before buying

Your HVAC system and thermostat work hand-in-hand to keep you comfortable in every season. If any of them is impaired, your comfort and devices are compromised. What if your thermostat suddenly failed in the middle of extreme weather condition? Should you immediately drop a call to professionals? The first thing you need to do is to find the root of

As you get ready for the cold weather, be sure to include your oil furnace tank in the preparation process. Here are easy and wise tips that will keep your oil tank functioning throughout the winter season. Schedule a Tank Inspection The first step you need to do for oil tank winterization is an expert inspection. Call your trusted heating

Just like your HVAC system, heat pumps also experience problems that may arise anytime these cold months. Read on to learn the common heat pump issues, their causes, and possible solutions. Heat Pump Not Turning On A heat pump that will not turn on is possibly caused by a tripped circuit breaker, thermostat issues, or wiring problems. The first thing

Maintaining old houses comes with great challenges especially when keeping a comfortable and warm temperature during the cold months. Like most places in the United States, Shippensburg is not a stranger to the extreme effects of winter. Thankfully, there are effective and convenient tips for heating old homes as listed below. Give Your Furnace the Care It Deserves How can

According to a study, about 70% of home fires in the US are triggered by poorly maintained heating systems. To prevent the risk of fire in your Shippensburg, PA home, here are five (5) safety tips when using your heater these cold months. Clear Your Furnace From Combustible Materials Keep your home safe from fire hazards by checking around your

If your furnace needs replacement or repair, it will definitely show signs of malfunction. Do not wait for your system to break down completely before doing the necessary action. Call your HVAC contractor immediately as soon as you noticed these warning signs. Your Furnace is Too Old A typical furnace has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. If

Your air conditioner has worked hard to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. Now, it is time to bring back the favor to your A/C unit with these end-of-summer air conditioning maintenance tips. Invest in a New Air Filter Keeping your air filter clean throughout the summer is necessary but as fall comes in, having just clean

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