Need some reliable information about spring HVAC maintenance? Unfortunately, as you try to improve your knowledge base, you’ll come across a plenty of misinformation that can misguide you in the long run. At Johnston’s Heating & Cooling, we’ve got the facts to help you stay guarded against these spring HVAC myths. You Can Place the Thermostat Anywhere in Your Home

You’re lucky if you don’t experience any trouble with your air conditioning unit throughout the summer days. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many homeowners in Shippensburg, PA. Bad days happen when their air conditioners fail without warning, leaving them sweating indoors. Don’t let this happen to you! To know if it’s time to call your HVAC contractor for an

It’s completely uncomfortable and annoying to find that one or two rooms are cooler than the others. If your home isn’t maintaining an even and consistent temperature in all rooms, you need to be aware of a few air conditioning issues that cause it. Improperly Sized A/C Incorrectly sized A/C will not allow your home to cool evenly and consistently.

In 2018, HVACR manufacturers reported progressive sales growth based on the latest ASHRAE Journal Annual Economic Outlook Survey and AHR Expo. The progress in the industry is expected to carry on in 2019 with continues increase of significant sales in the market. The survey reported that 44% of respondents had a significant increase in sales of about 10% for 2018.

A red-tagged furnace could be your worst nightmare this winter. The red tag is an indication that your gas appliance like a furnace is no longer safe to operate. Your system either needs repair or replacement. Learn more about red-tagged furnace with this post. Why Your Furnace Gets a Red Tag It is required by law that red tags must

With proper insulation, you can cut your cooling and heating bills by up to 30%. This winter, the quality of your home’s insulation plays a vital role in your comfort. If you’re looking for the best home insulation material, we have listed some below. Two Considerations Before Choosing the Type of Insulation Where do you want to install/add the insulation?

Ever wonder where furnaces came from? Do you know anything about heating facts? If you are thrilled to learn more, we have listed ten (10) surprising facts about furnaces and home heating that you must know. What does furnace mean? In both Canadian and American English, a furnace refers to a device used to heat residential and commercial spaces. Meanwhile,

If you are thinking about buying a new gas furnace, you should start with finding the right size for your home. Too small or too big heating systems will not keep up with your comfort demands. To get the right size, pay attention to these factors below. Location and Climate Your location and geographical profile are important considerations before buying

Your HVAC system and thermostat work hand-in-hand to keep you comfortable in every season. If any of them is impaired, your comfort and devices are compromised. What if your thermostat suddenly failed in the middle of extreme weather condition? Should you immediately drop a call to professionals? The first thing you need to do is to find the root of