Just like your car, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to keep it running at optimum efficiency. Even your newly purchased air conditioning unit needs consistent tune-ups and servicing to prevent unnecessary problems in the future. If you doubt the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance, read these consequences to realize its importance. Repair Costs are More Than What You Expect

Is your home among the 90% of households in the US that are under-insulated? With a complete insulation inspection, you can identify your insulation needs in your ductwork, floors, walls and most especially in the attic. Let’s see if you have enough or lack one in your attic based on what the experts say. Attic Insulation: How It Improves Your

You may be one of many homeowners who forget to think about kitchen ventilation. Sadly, if you are not paying attention to the gas fumes, steam, and smoke in your kitchen while cooking; your indoor air quality would be compromised. Over time, your indoor air could be a hundred times more polluted than outdoors. Importance of Kitchen Ventilation System Maintaining

Did you know that low indoor air quality has a grave impact not only on your health but your mood as well? Studies show that your indoor air can be thrice dirtier than your laundry. Think of the dust, dirt, chemicals from fragrances, cleaning products, building materials, exhausts from cars, cooking devices and many more. All of these are culprits

When you remove ‘V’ in HVAC, your home’s comfort can be at risk. Your heating and cooling system will not work efficiently without proper ventilation. Either a furnace or an air conditioner depends on the building’s ventilation to operate at its best. By reading through this post, we will help you understand ventilation and its impact on your home’s overall

At some point in your life, have you ever wondered how air conditioning units blow in the air to cool your home? In the US, around 87% of households use air conditioning units. But, only a few of them are interested in learning how their A/C works.  Just like other appliances, air conditioners are complex systems that are difficult to

Thanks to air conditioners for saving us during the hottest days of summer.  Unfortunately, it is also during this season that the unit faces various problems that seriously affect its performance and efficiency. For most homeowners in Shippensburg, PA, identifying A/C problems can be hard without prior experience and knowledge. As a brain booster, here are common air conditioning issues

Battling with the hot weather is a lot easier with an air conditioning running all day. Definitely, you can keep your house cool this summer season without hitting the jackpot on your energy usage. Discover great ways to cut dollars on your energy bill this summer. Here are tips from the pro! Thermostat Set your thermostat at the recommended temperature